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The Garrisa University College Terror Attacks In Kenya - 550 Words

The Garrisa University College: Terror Attacks In Kenya (Essay Sample) Content: NameCourse CodeCourse InstructorDateTerror Attacks in KenyaGarissa is a mid-sized city located 230 miles from Nairobi, Kenyaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s capital city, and 60 miles South East of Dadaab, the worldà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s largest refugee camp. Garissa is a desert city with a population of a little over 10,000 people. The population is predominantly Cushitic, as most of the people in this region have relocated from Somalia, the war-ravaged country that borders Kenya to the North East. The county of Garissa has one institution of higher learning, Garissa University College, a constituent college of the University of Nairobi, which is the largest university in East and Central Africa. On the morning of April 2, 2015, Gunmen from the Al-Qaeda linked Somali terrorist group, Al-Shabaab, attacked Garissa University College, killing 147 young, promising and educated students. Muslim students were separated from their Christian counterparts, and the Christians were shot in the head. The att ack was just one in a series of attacks leveled against non-Muslims in Kenya in a war that has seen more than 500 lives lost over a period of three years. In this paper, I will discuss the impacts that the attacks against my ilk have had on my social and religious life.The Garrisa University College attack is the deadliest attack on Kenyan soil since the 1998 Al-Qaeda attack on the US embassy in Nairobi that claimed 224 people. The Al-shabaab had also staged a four-day siege on a Nairobi mall on 21st September 2013, claiming 71 lives, most of them Christians. On 17th June, 2014, Al-Shabaab militants took over the coastal town at dusk and mercilessly butchered 57 non-Muslim residents. In November 2014, attackers boarded a Mandera-bound bus and executed 26 passengers who could not recite the Muslim profession of faith. In December, the same year, Al-Shabaab militants executed 36 quarry workers who could not recite an Islam prayer. There is a religious war raging in the North-Eastern a nd Coastal regions of Kenya.The radicalization of Muslim youth in the country has led to sporadic attacks against Christians in the coastal region over the last three years. As a Christian living in the coastal city of Mombasa, I live in constant fear. 70 percent of the population in Mombasa is comprised of Muslims, and they do not care to hide their disdain towards Christians. The survivors of these attacks claim that the Al-Shabaab militants order their victims to recite parts of the Holy Quran, failure to which one is instantly shot dead. To be safe, I have had to learn to recite the Quran in Arabic and to recite Islamic prayers. This way, I can talk my way out of death in case I find myself in a similar terrorist attack. Over the last year, I have read the Quran more times than I have read the Bible; I am in a crisis of faith. But then again, I would rather be safe than sorry.The Kenya Police Service is the most corrupt institution in one of the most corrupt nations in the world (Hidalgo). Most officers in the police force are Christians who stigmatize Muslims through illegal police dragnets. The highways of Mombasa are punctuated by numerous roadblocks that require one to produce their national identification document in the pretense of hunting terrorists. Muslims are subjected to constant profiling by the law-enforcers. Born of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, I bear the surname Mohammed, and it is really hard to convince the offi...

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The Great Depression Was An Awful Time Essay - 1722 Words

Franklin Roosevelt once said, â€Å"True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.† There was a lot of ideals that went into making the New Deal how it was. One ideal that played a factor was that fact that people that were affected by the Great Depression feared they were honestly going to starve to death due to different factors that contributed to The Great Depression. Another ideal was the fact that there was inequality in the 1920s and most people could not participate in the economic boom. Workers wages were way too low. The last main ideal that went into the The Deal was the fact that there was a lack of purchasing power. The Great Depression was an awful time and it was hard for the President to try and meet everyone’s needs. The Great Depression was started because inequality was prevalent in the 1920’s. Most people did not participate in the economic 1920’s boom, because a lot of worker’s wages were too low for them to afford it. Immigrants, outsiders, wealthy/greedy people all contributed to The Great Depression. The first major ideal that went into making the New Deal was how scared people were during this time. Everyone was on their own and trying to fight for their lives and their families lives. â€Å"The first thing that should be done is stop immigration. Let the other countries take care of their own un-employed† (McElvaine 44). This working manShow MoreRelatedWriting Styles of Sylvia Plath Essay1277 Words   |  6 Pagesof the twentieth century, Sylvia Plath’s writing was influenced largely by her depression and mental illness. I found it rather interesting that her life began during The Great Depression and that from a young girl at the age of eight she was suffering and battling her own personal depression. It’s almost as though when she was born, the time period k ind of foreshadowed the rest of her life for her. One of the main reasons of her depression was due to the death of her father; Plath never fullyRead MoreSocial Welfare : The United States978 Words   |  4 Pagessociety organizes efforts to meet some human needs. In the United States social welfare philosophies have changed throughout the years, and support for social welfare has gone both ways. English Poor Laws During 1601, England was experiencing a severe economic depression, with large scale unemployment and widespread famine. Queen Elizabeth created a set of laws designed to maintain order of the kingdom: the English Poor Laws. †¯These laws remained in force for more than 250 years (Social WelfareRead MoreEffects Of Segregation In The 1930s737 Words   |  3 Pagesmeant that blacks had their own churches, schools, football teams, and even their own cemeteries. The Great Depression also took place in the 1930s. The economic crisis of the 1930s, the Great Depression, is one of the most studied periods in American history. Racism was at a high point in the 1930s. The 1930s were a turbulent time for race relations in America. ( Racism was as strong as ever in the Southern States. Racism is the belief of all members of each race possess characteristicsRead MoreEffects Of Segregation In The 1930s728 Words   |  3 Pagesmeant that blacks had their own churches, schools, football teams, and even their own cemeteries. The Great Depression also took place in the 1930s. The economic crisis of the 1930s, the Great Depression, is one of the most studied periods in American history. Racism was at a high point in the 1930s. The 1930s were a turbulent time for race relations in America. ( Racism was as strong as ever in the Southern States. Racism is the belief of all members of each race possess characteristicsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Film White Zombie885 Words   |  4 PagesIn 1929, the American stock market crashed. The economy was crushed, leaving millions of Americans hopeless, scared, and vulnerable. The Great Depression had a huge impact on the culture at the time. The fears they faced were usually portrayed through literature, art and movies during that time period. In the 1932 film White Zombie, Halperin uses the metaphor of a monster to show how our biggest fears come from the actions others are capable of. The monster in the film White Zombie is typicallyRead MoreEssay about Willie Nelsons Music Makes Me Happy677 Words   |  3 Pagesfriends; our number one song was On the Road Again by Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson changed music for some people and I will be talking about music changing people’s lives. Willie Hugh Nelson is a country music singer, song writer, and guitar player, he was an author, poet, and activist. The album â€Å"Shotgun Willie† Made him a very famous country artist. Willie was born in the great depression and he wrote his first song when he was seven and joined a band when he was ten. He impacted people’s livesRead MoreThe Great Depression Of The 1930s999 Words   |  4 PagesThe Great Depression of the 1930s is notably one of the greatest crises of American history. During this time frame the American economy collapsed in great part because of factors such as the existence of massive wealth inequality, the dust bowl that started in the Great Plains, and the rampant business speculation of the 1920’s. These factors helped turn an awful economic depression into what would be called an all-out social crisis. Bread lines and soup kitchens became a common occurrence in AmericanRead MoreTeenage Depression : How My Story Can Help Others1698 Word s   |  7 PagesBlake Jerue 12/13/16 English 1110 Teenage Depression: How My Story Can Help Others Most families think that their moody teen is just in a phase that all adolescents go through. Puberty, that time when an individual goes from a child to a teen. It marks a time of physical changes, but for many teens may also mark the start of something that will stay with them for many years; depression. Depression effects an estimated 19 million Americans, making it one of the most prevalent mental illnessesRead MoreReasons Why The Crash Of Wall Street Happened1066 Words   |  5 Pagesmany reasons why the Great Depression occurred but the main ones are from the uneven distribution of income, loss of export sales, and mistakes by the Federal Reserve. This paper will also give examples on how the economic problems in 1929 were similar to the economic problems in 2008 in America. Lastly, this paper will talk about the different lessons learned from the very hard struggle of going through the Great Depression. One of the reasons the crash of Wall street occurred was because of creditRead MoreThe Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath942 Words   |  4 PagesEsther’s depression is a key factor in the development of her relationship with many characters in the novel, The Bell Jar. Esther is mentally and emotionally different than a majority of the people in her community. As a result of this state, she often has difficulty taking criticism to heart. Her depression continues to build throughout the novel as she remains in the asylum. It does not help that she has no aid from her loved ones. In the novel, The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath utilizes the relationships

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Different Types of Love Essay - 943 Words

â€Å"Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.† –James A. Baldwin. The author, Baldwin talks about the fact that we assume love starts once you meet that person and it ends when you die, but love is everlasting and is a part of you from the very beginning. In his quote he also says that we will face different types of love, while growing up. Films are made about it, books, songs, and poems are written. Artists draw, paint and sculpt from inspiration of it and people spend their entire lives waiting for it. In dictionaries love is defined as a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection but it is more than just a deep connection. Its more than deep connections†¦show more content†¦This is why mother sends out more of a warm fuzzy feeling than the father. Family love is the type of love that every human being encounters throughout his or her lifetime. It’s the very first and less painful type of love. Parental love isn’t the only part of family love. Sibling love is a big part to. Sibling rivalry starts when the second child is born and the 1st child starts to feel alienated and abandoned. Even though siblings are like archenemies, they have the most caring love. Since they are closer through blood, they have the ability to protect each other and fight for each other. Another main type of love is the love that is felt towards friends. This love is felt less when younger because when you are younger you are accompanied more by parental love and attention. But when grown older, parents become busier that the kid will start creating their own bonds and connections with other children their age. This would start a friendship. After people make new friends they start to become more dependent and more trusting until they feel like they are one person with their friend. Having common interests, similar history, common values, and equality draws peop le to be together as friends. Psychologically when one friend feels pain the other friend feels it because of the bond created between them. In their mind they have automatically â€Å"connected† themselves with that person. But friendship is the hardest to find because you’re notShow MoreRelatedDifferent Types of Love in Romeo and Juliet1204 Words   |  5 PagesThe theme of love is predominant throughout the entirety of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Many forms of love are incorporated throughout the play and displayed through the relationships of different characters. Romantic love between Romeo and Juliet is contrasted by a sensual perception of love in the play, while themes of familial love and friendship are discussed with regards to the superficial and unrequited love Romeo experienced with Rosaline. The theme of superficial love is firstly discussed throughRead MoreDifferent Types of Love in Midsummer Night’s Dream1508 Words   |  7 PagesDifferent Types of Love in Midsummer Night’s Dream Love and lovers, both can be described as many different things. William Shakespeare shows us this in his play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In this play we see all types of love, from passionate love to foolish love. Along with this we also see different types of lovers and pairs. Examples of these lovers come from pairs like, Hermia and Lysander, Demetrius and Helena, Titana and Bottom, and Oberon and Titana. It seems that in A Midsummer Night’sRead More Different Types of Love in A Midsummer Night’s Dream Essay1271 Words   |  6 PagesDifferent Types of Love in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a comedy, written in 1595 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. This was when the society was dominated by men. During the period, England was ruled by a powerful and well respected queen. One of the many themes of the play is that of love. Many different types of love are depicted in the book. There is: Parental Love (Egeus and Hermia, Titania and Little IndianRead MoreDifferent Types of Love in William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet707 Words   |  3 PagesDifferent Types of Love in William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet In Romeo and Juliet, love is an integral theme and there is many representations of love; family love, courtly love, sexual love, and most importantly; the love between Romeo and Juliet. By comparing their love to others, we can see just how committed the star-crossed lovers are. We first see examples of sexual love when Sampson and Gregory are talking at the very beginning of the play. They are coarseRead MoreExplore the Different Types of Love Shown in Wuthering Heights1205 Words   |  5 PagesExplore the different types of love shown in Wuthering Heights Pages 70 -75 The love shown in Wuthering Heights on pages 70-75 is not only those of morality love, but also love that aches, and both types are each, for a different man. The simpler of the two is that of which Catherine feels for Edgar. Having chosen to marry Edgar, through no other reason than it is moral option; Catherine feels no true love towards him. When conversing with Nelly, and questioned on just what it is that CatherineRead MoreDifferent Types of Love in William Shakespeares Twelfth Night2156 Words   |  9 PagesDifferent Types of Love in William Shakespeares Twelfth Night In this play, Twelfth Night, there are various kinds of love presented but they can be categorized as true love and infatuation. There is also another kind of love portrayed in this play which is friendship. Self-love is surely one other factor in this play. Well, what is the definition of love? True love to be exact. True love is basically based on inner qualities and actions. It is genuine and sincere. ItRead More Comparing Different Types of Love in William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet1520 Words   |  7 PagesComparing Different Types of Love in William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet The three different examples of love between Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Rosaline and Paris and Juliet do share some similar aspects, but they also have their own differences. These three different types of love show us the variations of love and how it can mask itself into different forms. Romeos love for Rosaline. He was portrayed as a Petrarchan lover and his love was simply an infatuationRead MoreThe Different Types of Love Presented in William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet1204 Words   |  5 PagesThe Different Types of Love Presented in William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare has written many plays, especially a lot of tragedies. The most famous of all Shakespeares plays is Romeo and Juliet, enjoyed by different generations down the years. The majority of the play takes place in the attractive small city of Verona, in the north of Italy. The play has been adapted in books, ballet and films. Romeo and Juliet is a play about a young man and a young womanRead More The Different Types of Love Expressed by Pre-1914 Poets Essay examples850 Words   |  4 PagesThe Different Types of Love Expressed by Pre-1914 Poets These 3 poems are completely different to each other. Porphyria’s Lover is obsessive and violent love, How Do I Love Thee? Is more of an undying love and the poem Remember is more like truthful love. In this essay I’ll take each poem and in a sentence or two explain the type of love that each poem demonstrates. I’ll also use quotations to show each of my poems shows a different type of love. The poem Porphyria’s Lover portrays theRead MoreExploring Different Types of Love in Three Poems: A Woman to Her Lover, When We Two Parted and First Love1727 Words   |  7 PagesExploring Different Types of Love in Three Poems: A Woman to Her Lover, When We Two Parted and First Love There is a wide variety of the types of love with different aspects to the effects and meaning of love. This makes it harder to define them. There is your first love, which is the first person who have fell in love with properly, you can be any age, young or old, you r past relationships have been flings or you may just thought you found the right one and hadnt. There

Health Care for Journal of Patient Safety

Question: Discuss about theHealth Care for Journal of Patient Safety. Answer: Introduction: Patient safety is a significant constituent of the healthcare policies internationally and is considered as one of the necessary policies which the hospitals, as well as the clinics all across the sphere, must put into practice, consistently. Patient protection aims to put off harm and unconstructive outcome of the care motive (Smith, 2006). Quality organization systems are a significant feature so as to promote the patient protection plus reducing the risk of unpleasant proceedings and health check errors in physical condition care organization. Both superiority and the safety are primary to the health care liberation (Smith, 2006). Patient protection is now documented in a lot of countries, with worldwide awareness, foster by the WHO which stands for the World Health Organizations humankind Alliance for tolerant Safety (Smith, 2006). And up till now, they persist to be important challenges to implement patient protection policy and practice. Thought privileged in physical condition care offered influential arguments that error could be condensed by redesigning system and process using person factors main beliefs. These possibly will reduce mistakes from side to side of the design features, counting consistency, generalization, and the use of the constraint. One such restriction is a forcing purpose, which is an intend characteristic with the intention of making error impracticable (e.g., unsuited connectors that put off connecting a general anaesthetic gas to the oxygen port of a general anesthetic mechanism) (Taylor, Hignett Joseph, 2014). Humanizing safety requires relating to the human abilities by conniving processes that are familiar with human weakness and strength. In current decades, managerial factors have been documented to be of enormous significance for safe process and superiority operations (Smith, 2006). In order to restore this circumstance, health concern organization around the humankind have twisted their concentration to deliberately implementing healthy patient protection and superiority care program to identify conditions that put patients at jeopardy of damage and then performing acts to organize or prevent those risk (Smith, 2006). Human factors in Health care: The human factor over and over again referred to as the ergonomics, is a well-known methodical order used in many additional safety dangerous industries. Human factor approaches to strengthen existing patient security and quality development, science, contributing an included, evidence and rational approach to ensuring safety, superiority improvement, and medical brilliance (Taylor, Hignett Joseph, 2014). The practices and the beliefs in the health care helps in optimising the performance of the individuals in the health care, with the better understanding of the individual nature and communicating in a better way with one another and the surrounding. By acknowledging the human confines, human factor offers conduct to reduce and mitigate human frailty, so plummeting the medical blunder and its penalty. The system-wide implementation of these concepts offers a sole opportunity to hold cultural change and authorize to position enduring safety and scientific brilliance at its heart (Bl ijleven, Koelemeijer, Wetzels Jaspers, 2017). The sympathetic human factors and techniques are used in identifying the development of the qulaity in the team and services, hold change organization, and assist to emphasise the significance of the intend of gear, processes, and actions. Further learning is to facilitate and adopt the personalized from the best perform to reduce the risk to patients and hence, to optimise human being presentation in healthcare (Blijleven, Koelemeijer, Wetzels Jaspers, 2017). Protection issues are additionally and likely to happen in an Intense care unit, in charging rooms and emergency situation services (Smith, 2006). With certain preventive measures, there is a non-clinical issue that are considered to prepare for the risk factor like medical supplies- product excellence, manpower, patient relocate, occupational protection and physical condition (OSH), amenities defects, data safety confidentiality, tools failure, hospital safety, fire safety and monetary issues (Smith, 2006). Behaviours of the supplier may amuse for the essential position and getting the better safety for the patients. Nonattendance of the safe behaviours in the acute healthcare can guide for patient harm. The manner to stop errors is not to inform populace to be more cautious and work much harder; it is varying the system in which they work. WHO suggests that the use of the human factor values is to appreciate the associations between the humans-medical tackle, humans and also the human environment. The well intended process may found it easy for the individuals doing the accurate things, and firm not to do the mistaken things. Manifold factors, that affects brain process plus responds and pressure personal performance unconstructively, require being prohibited and mitigated for proposed safety outcome (Taylor, Hignett Joseph, 2014). The healthcare excellence in the assistance of the helpful visionary management, education, proper preparation, proper teaching, accessibility of the requisite resources, solid and effective organization, holds the workings possessions, the workers and completion of the process, with appropriate partnership among the collaboration of all the personnel can definitely bring about brilliant colours (Hoffman, Segal, Foster Rhoads, 2013). The behaviour if agreed on appropriately may consequence into such an effect which the organisations might also attain their billed or aimed target at no point time and that too as for every level of the management. Proper treatment and leadership to the possessions by revolutionary training meetings and seminar be able to well assist to reach the maximum output levels (Hoffman, Segal, Foster Rhoads, 2013). The possessions remain vigorous refer the teaching and information, providing seminar and are the entire method boost up, till aspire is properly a chieved. The subordinate is requisite to be provided and downloaded facts from proper time to time concerning the necessities of the firm among the method which are predictable to be finished (Hoffman, Segal, Foster Rhoads, 2013). A guide from the facade type of attitude is requisite to be shown by the seniors, and also the aimed targets are to be consistently reminded to the workers. (Taylor, Hignett Joseph, 2014). Impact of safety and risk management culture in health care Resolution of optimistic safety civilization in healthcare association is a significant action which promotes the mutual faith among professionals. The civilization of security encourages health care employees to talk generously about unsafe proceedings among their administration without terror of stigmatization, guilt or sentence (Gosbee, 2002). For the safety and the development iin the halth care organisations may need to take varied deed plans regarding needs and the height of safety culture with the speaking up behaviours. The requirenment of the serious behaviors for the risk management diverge in the healthcare organization The risk management in an organization is to set certain values, receptions, attitudes, patterns and competencies of behavior for the individuals which decide the promises, method and ability of an organizations wellbeing and safety organization (Taylor, Hignett Joseph, 2014). The risk management in an organisation ensures that they have well-built the power to manage the policies, clinical practice, events, and medical employees and worker behaviour, which keeps the scheme running. Visibility: as conditions of the dependence and collaboration among the co-workers in wellbeing organization (Seagull Greenberg, 2015). Communication: network with additional associations for amalgamation acquisition, and combined ventures, etc. Coordination: is necessary to create the system winning, and this includes all department plus functions in wellbeing care organization. With such structural factor, risk organization in every healthcare association aims to stay away from anything which expressly involves a risk, or unexpected tragedy, in order not to knowledge managerial thrashing, and to stay answerable in case, any unintentional loss happens (Seagull Greenberg, 2015). In a nutshell, jeopardy organization acts as the practical system to defend and mitigate danger An optimistic safety civilization guides a lot of optional behaviours of healthcare professional in the direction of viewing patient security as one of their uppermost priority. As a way of enhancing patient safety, Organisational Risk management authorities can implement quality development agenda that will aim medicine errors (Taylor, Hignett Joseph, 2014). Furthermore, clinical audits that clinically guide process can be used to offer continuous excellence development by measuring the scientific care prearranged for the clients alongside evidenced based perform. Organisational system and processes: Human factor manufacturing is concerning scheming the agency and the tackle in it to hold for limitations of human being performance (Joseph Cabn, 2009).Individual factors are the request of methodical information about the human strength and limits to the plan of the system in the work surroundings to make sure safe and enjoyable performance.Patient security is a worldwide challenge that requires information and skill in manifold areas, including human being factors and system manufacturing. Knowledge concerning work scheme and physical ergonomics can be taken into consideration for understanding the association between worker safety and patient defence (Joseph Cabn, 2009).. The main beliefs and practices of the human being Factors spotlight on optimising human being performance through improved understanding the behaviour of persons, their connections with each other plus with their surroundings (Joseph Cabn, 2009).. By acknowledging human being confines, Human factor offers a way to mitigate and minimise the human frailties, so plummeting medical mistake and its cost. The system-wide acceptance of these thought offers a sole chance to hold up cultural revolutionize and authorize the organisation to put enduring safety and scientific fineness at its heart (Joseph Cabn, 2009).. This information will be significant for the worker physical condition department of healthcare association. Purchasing department of healthcare associations requires having information about user-centred and usability design in order to make sure that the gear and strategy are ergonomically intended (Joseph Cabn, 2009).. Given the main pressure and workload harms experienced b y a lot of nurses, nurture managers require knowing about work pressure and workload organization. Risk organization represents the front-line of serene safety misfortune; they require appreciating human error and another mechanism concerned in mishaps (Kuhn, 2002). With the shove toward physical condition information, knowledge, issues of expertise design plus completion are receiving growing concentration. People concerned about the plan and completion of that technology require having essential information about interface intend and usability and socio technical scheme intend (Joseph Cabn, 2009).. Biomedical engineers in the physical condition care organization and health check device manufacturer design pay for and uphold various tools and technology and, consequently, need to be acquainted with the user-centred design. The in service room is an illustration of a healthcare location in which joint effort coordination and teamwork are serious for the patient protection; human fa ctor values of team teaching are very pertinent for this kind of care surroundings (Kuhn, 2002). Human factor expert Design improvement in the place of work and the gear to fit human being capability and limits make it very easier for the personnel to get the employment done; the correct way reduces the probability of errors happening (Gosbee, 2002). Health-care personnel are rather good at compensating of some of the multifaceted and indistinct design of a number of aspects of the place of work such as gear and Physical layouts. Conclusion: Patient security is such a significant part of our physical condition care scheme and it assists define superiority health concern. Keeping our patients protected is a demanding issue as errors and mistake may occur (Gosbee, 2002). When an intended succession of the mental and corporeal activities fall short to attain the intended conclusion and when this stoppage cannot be credited to some probability intervention or rate". According to the organization of medication, checkups error resulted in almost over 98,000 avoidable deaths each year; which is twice the velocity of traffic dead and the predictable cost in the United States could be approximately around 29 billion dollars (Kuhn, 2002). Healthcare organization is flattering conscious of the significance of transform managerial culture so as to improve tolerant safety. Mounting interest in safety and heakth care of the individuals has been accompanying the required appraisal tools alert on the educational aspect of patient security improvement hard work. References Blijleven, V., Koelemeijer, K., Wetzels, M., Jaspers, M. (2017). Workarounds Emerging From Electronic Health Record System Usage: Consequences for Patient Safety, Effectiveness of Care, and Efficiency of Care.JMIR Human Factors,4(4), e27. Gosbee, J. (2002). Human factors engineering and patient safety.Quality And Safety In Health Care,11(4), 352-354. Henriksen, K., Joseph, A., Zayas-Cabn, T. (2009). The Human Factors of Home Health Care.Journal Of Patient Safety,5(4), 229-236. Hoffman, R., Segal, C., Foster, J., Rhoads, L. (2013). Adaptation of the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System to Patient Safety Studies.Proceedings Of The International Symposium On Human Factors And Ergonomics In Health Care,2(1), 108-113. Kuhn, A. (2002). The need for risk management to evolve to assure a culture of safety.Quality And Safety In Health Care,11(2), 158-162. Seagull, F., Greenberg, G. (2015). Inter-professional Human Factors Education: Democratizing Safety and Quality.Proceedings Of The International Symposium On Human Factors And Ergonomics In Health Care,4(1), 165-167. Smith, T. (2006). Changing relationships between people and providers: making sense of patient centred health care.Quality And Safety In Health Care,15(1), 71-73. Taylor, E., Hignett, S., Joseph, A. (2014). The environment of safe care: considering building design as one facet of safety.Proceedings Of The International Symposium On Human Factors And Ergonomics In Health Care,3(1), 123-127.

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Reaction Paper in Globalization and Its Discontents Face the Heat

There has been much said about globalization and its possible outcomes, including the positive ones, such as the opportunity to expand worldwide for literally any organization, and the negative ones, such as a steep rise in the prices for such crucial products as oil.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Reaction Paper in Globalization and Its Discontents: Face the Heat specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Indeed, like many other events of a truly massive scale, globalization cannot be viewed as fully positive or, on the contrary, a completely negative process. It certainly has its issues, which will, doubtlessly, trigger a negative aftermath; still, it is important to admit that globalization also has a significant economical, political and financial value, opening huge prospects for the development of all states of the world. There is no doubt that the effects of such a massive process as globalization are go ing to sweet the entire world, therefore, having effect on the political, financial and economical state of every single state. However, Sassen offers another way to view the aftermath of the globalization process; stressing that globalization is bound to shape the infrastructure and politics of the world’s major cities first, the author invites the audience to check the supposed outcomes of globalization, both positive and negative, as well as the ones that have already become evident. While Sassen delivers his argument concerning the new centrality of the economic operations in a clear and very straight-forward fashion, by focusing on primarily large cities and disregarding the effect that the globalization process will have on the smaller ones, Sassen makes it clear that the globalization will not contribute to the integration of a whole state into the world economic process, thereby, denying the key principle of globalization, i.e., the overall involvement into the econom ic cycle. It would be wrong, however, to claim that Sassen’s argument boils down to the idea that large cities are going to make the bulk of the economy in the globalized environment.Advertising Looking for critical writing on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In addition to stressing the role of large cities like New York, Sassen also offers a deep introspective on the specifics of the globalization process within urban setting. Considering the example of such a city as New York, one can possibly evaluate the strengths and weakness of Sassen’s work. As Sassen explains, to get prepared for the changes of such scale, the humankind will have to work on the strategies that will help overcome the shock that will inevitably follow the analysis of the changes brought upon the world by globalization. According to Sassen, creating a transactional system of alliances can be viewed as an opportunity to make the effects of globalization less drastic. Sassen claims that â€Å"We must develop a transactional system of alliances if we are to deal with a political economy that, while it is rooted in national regimes, increasingly escapes national regulation† (Sassen, 1998, XIV). In the given statement, Sassin stresses the contradictory nature of the globalization process, thereby, questioning the viability of globalization as a process that is going to take place on an international scale. When considering an example of a large city like New York and comparing it to a city of a considerably smaller influence, like Hoboken, one must agree that, compared to new York, Hoboken will be regarded as the city of minor importance after the globalization process is over. The given event, however, is likely to lead to the decay of farming, fishing and forestry industries, which Hoboken is responsible for (Greenland Sheldon, 2007).Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Reaction Paper in Globalization and Its Discontents: Face the Heat specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is also rather impressive that, along with stressing the international and even intercultural nature of globalization, Sassin makes it clear that in the end of the process, globalizing forms of elite culture are highly likely to appear, therefore, re-stating the hegemony of a specific nation and, thus, its culture (Sassin, 1998). Therefore, Sassin emphasizes that even at the end of globalization, equality among states will not be achieved; instead, each of the states will be given equal opportunities for changing its economical, financial and political strategy. Although the given argument seems rather reasonable, it still leaves many questions unanswered, such as whether the significance of agriculture is going to drop in the realm of globalization, since the minor states, which are typically responsible for the agriculture devel opment, will lose their significance; and, if it does, what alternatives can be provided. Again, considering the example of New York and Hoboken, one must agree that the former has much more potential, yet the latter has more natural resources; therefore, abandoning the development of smaller cities will leave such major ones as New York without primary supplies for producing goods and services that people need for everyday life. Without a proper emphasis on smaller cities, New York will gradually die after being consumed by its own dwellers. Another issue that Sassen raises in her work, the concept of urban economy has also been brought up as the possible stumbling block for the further progress of the economy. As Sassen stresses, at present, a huge boost of private entrepreneurships can be observed, with rather predictable outcomes, i.e., a large variety of â€Å"firms, types of workers, types of work cultures, types of residential milieux† (Sassen, 1989, XXIV) appears; whi ch is even more important, the newly appearing concepts, types of businesses, new employee classifications, etc. is never registered on the global radars. Therefore, Sassen’s key concern must be that the process of globalization is likely to get out of hand soon, which will, in its turn, lead to confusions and misunderstandings in the economical sphere, as well as the possible crash of the global market.Advertising Looking for critical writing on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As Sassen explains, while the recently coined concepts â€Å"may be essential to operation of the urban economy and the daily needs of residents, their survival is threatened in a situation where finance and specialized services can earn superprofits† (Sassen, 1989, XXIV). However, it can be considered that new businesses are much more viable and competitive than Sassen gives them credit for. It is important to realize that in the global environment, competitiveness will become the most important asset of an entrepreneurship. Therefore, getting companies ready for new competitive environment is crucial. That being said, stating that Sassen completely misses the point of globalization would be rather far-fetched; however, the author has clearly overlooked several details concerning the specifics of the globalization process, which might head the globalization process towards smaller cities and towns development. While globalization does presuppose that the major cities should serve as the links between the states of the world, it still involves a robust development of the smaller cities, since a number of important elements of state economics, like agriculture, often depend on such small elements. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that the paper provides a detailed overview of the changes that may happen to the world several decades later, especially in the sphere of the servicing network development. Providing a thorough account of the possibilities that globalization will open for the humankind in the future, Sassen offers a very solid statement worth taking into account. Reference List Greenland, P. R. Sheldon, A. L. (2007). Conservation and environment. New York, NY: InfoBase Publishing. Sassen, S. (1998). Globalization and its discontents. New York, NY: The New Press. This critical writing on Reaction Paper in Globalization and Its Discontents: Face the Heat was written and submitted by user Thunderball to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Essay on Design

Essay on Design Essay on Design Essay on DesignChrysler is one of the most renowned American car manufacturing brands but today the company and its brand face considerable problems because of the steep decline in the production and the loss of one of the leading positions in the US market as one of the leading American car manufacturers. Today, Chrysler is owned by Fiat, the Italian multinational car manufacturing corporation which has purchased Chrysler recently and attempts to revive the brand and reorganize the production to make it profitable and fast growing as it once used to be. Nevertheless, at the moment, the company has to invest into the revival of the brand because Chrysler is still a recognizable brand, while its revival can potentially return it to the leading position at least in the US market on the condition that the brand revival is accompanied by structural, technological and qualitative changes within the company and its production processes as well as design and concepts of its new vehicles. Th erefore, Chrysler is the brand that needs revival because the brand has a good reputation but the economic turmoil has put the brand on the edge of survival that means that the revival of the brand can skyrocket Chrysler back to leading position in the US car manufacturing industry making it one of the most popular brands in the US again.History of the brandChrysler was founded in 1925 (Maynard, 2014). The company has had a tumultuous history as the third-largest of Detroit’s auto companies (Newel, 2011). Known in the years after World War II for its well-engineered cars, it has spent the last three decades bouncing between highs and lows. The company encountered financial turbulence in the late 1970s that prompted it to seek a Congressional bailout, a process that vaulted its chief executive, lee A. Iacocca to national prominence (Maynard, 2014). Chrysler paid off the loans early in the 1980s, when it enjoyed success thanks to its minivans and a family of fuel-efficient auto s called the K-cars (Maynard, 2014).In 1987, Chrysler bought the No. 4 automaker, American Motors, but the subsequent consolidation prompted another financial crisis  that led to a restructuring of the company (Maynard, 2014). In the 1990s, Chrysler came back again, with vehicles like the powerful Dodge Viper sports car and its Jeep lineup (Maynard, 2014). In 1998, Chrysler was acquired by Daimler-Benz of Germany and spent the next eight years as part of DaimlerChrysler (Maynard, 2014).The 2000s marked the steep decline of the company which first tried to deal with GM but eventually was sold out to Fiat after the economic recession in the US in 2007-2008 (Maynard, 2014). Part of the motivation for the auto groups $4.35 billion deal to take full ownership of the No. 3 U.S. carmaker was to give Fiat access to Chryslers finances so it could invest in new models to revamp its loss-making operations in Europe (Maynard, 2014). Analysts have raised concerns about Fiats growing debt pile and its ability to fund a strategy that will shift the automakers focus to its upscale Maserati and Alfa Romeo brands from an over-reliance on low-margin mass-market models (Maynard, 2014).Responding to a request for clarification from market regulator Consob, Fiat said that beyond the cap, dividend payments were also subject to the condition that Chryslers liquidity exceeds a threshold of $3 billion. Chryslers liquidity totaled $14.7 billion at the end of 2013 (Maynard, 2014). Fiat also insisted that intercompany financing was limited by covenants that require deals to be approved by a majority of disinterested members of the Chrysler board of directors.At the moment, Chrysler needs to revive its brand because the company used to be a successful brand in the past. Therefore, today, the company still has a considerable potential, while revival of the brand can enhance its position in the US market (Robbins Finley, 2005). In this regard, the new owner of the brand, Fiat, can also be nefit from the revival of Chrysler brand because the company can sell its products under the revived brand and use the popularity of the brand to enhance its position in the American market.The advertising and/or other agencies involved in developing the brand communicationsAt the moment, the company relies on its own marketing department to create and promote the brand of Chrysler. Such strategy is determined, to a significant extent, by attempts of the company to save costs. The choice of such strategy is questionable in light of the significance of brand and its impact on the marketing value of the company in the contemporary business environment. In actuality, brand influences consistently the marketing position of companies because customers often make their choices on the ground of their recognition of the brand. Therefore, brand can increase the market value of the company (Masterson Picton, 2004). In such a situation, reliance on the company’s resources puts under a question the effectiveness of the revival of Chrysler brand because the revival of the brand needs the effective and exclusive promotional campaign and the brand development plan in the long-run perspective.Essay on Design part 2

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Week 4 & 5 Discussion Assignments Please send 2 different files Assignment

Week 4 & 5 Discussion Assignments Please send 2 different files - Assignment Example By triangulating both sets of results, I hope to be able to arrive at some solidly based conclusions that are confirmed by both current research and by working professionals currently employed in government agencies. In designing this particular study, I realise that is important that my research be credible. I want readers to be able to trust that outcomes that I arrive at, which means that I am now taking the time to ensure my methodology is based on sound research principles, that the research I incorporable is both scholarly and reputable, and that the eventual participants in the survey portion of the study are truly qualified to do so. In addition, as I design the qualitative study, I will be making sure the research is transparent, reliable, and useful to both the academic and business community. To this point in my dissertation journey, I have taken all three types to research methodology courses. Given the fact that my particular research emphasis is qualitative in nature, I am please to note that I received high marks in the qualitative design course. While I did acceptably in the mixed-methods and quantitative design courses, I feel my research gifts lie a bit more in the exploratory nature that the qualitative approach offers. My desire to seek out current perception in the hiring and promotion process and determine what, if anything, should be done to increase the transparency in this area in public agencies, with a particular emphasis on the Social Security Administration. Having the ability to locate qualified individuals to provide a professional opinion on this important topic, coupled with my own interest in examining current research in this area, enables me to develop a solid qualitative framework. Moving forward, I do not feel that I need to take any further co urse in research study design, as quantitative data